Living in Canada

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To build a new life in Canada, you need to plan. With our partners in China and Canada, we can help you build your integration plan in four easy steps.

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1Planning Your Arrival

Good preparation before departure is key to a successful settlement in Canada. It includes, but is not limited to:

  • Choosing the right destination
  • Searching for a suitable school for your children
  • Gathering important documents for your settlement


2Crossing the Border 

When you land in Canada as an immigrant for the first time, there are two steps that you must pay attention to:

  • Prepare your documents with care. Failure to do so may result in you being denied entry.
  • Prepare for two screening interviews with Canada Border Services


3Organizing Your First 3 Weeks

Some important things you must do:

  • Apply for Canadian identification
  • Register for social insurance and health care
  • Open a bank account


4Connecting to Your Community in 3 Months

During this time, you may consider:

  • Renting or buying a home
  • Enrolling your children in school
  • Finding employment or starting a business


One-on-One Counselling 

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