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Is In-TAC career coaching services free?

Recruitment agency will not charge you. They should not ask for any fees, which is illegal. Coaching service are provided by firms that do not look for jobs for you. They are non-profit organizations like In-TAC. They coach you before and after you come to Canada.

What are the challenges for job searching by yourself?

Sometimes a job search for new immigrants can feel isolating. You are spending hours upon hours searching for opportunities, working on your resume and applying to a job opening often without having any outside feedback about what you are doing right or wrong.

What is the peak season of searching job?

Generally, low seasons are round December, January and February that you will find there is not much movement. After the February, it is a point where there are a lot of opportunities. Generally, summer is also slow. September and October peaks up again.

Why do many companies use staffing agencies for hiring?

Many small and medium sized company use staffing agencies for their recruiting and hiring needs. The reason is that they can benefit from the use of staffing firms when looking to add on temporary workers for short assignments or permanent, full time staff for the long term.


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