Service Channels

Service Channels

With over 40 years of experience in serving immigrants, we are ready to provide our services to help pave the way for your successful transition to Canada.

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Online Workshops 

In-TAC’s online workshops will address issues relevant to your upcoming move to Canada. Some of the sessions include:
• Choosing your destination
• Finding school for your children
• Wealth management and financial planning
You will be able to access the workshops after registration.

Phone Counselling

You will receive personalized advice and guidance from our counsellors and referrals for further assistance. Our counsellor will help you craft a personalized Settlement Action Plan based on the results of your needs assessment. This plan will guide you through the different stages of your immigration and settlement process and facilitate your integration into Canadian society.

WeChat One-On-One Help

Book your WeChat session for a private Action Plan meeting.

WeChat Subscriptions

Get the most updated information to navigate Canadian government services and policies.

Electronic Info Sheet

These documents will be your roadmap for pre- and post-arrival preparation. They include:
• Important documents checklist
• Instructions for filling out the forms necessary for crossing the border

Employment Support

Discuss your Career Transition Action Plan with our employment counsellors. Access our job portal and labour market intelligence to prepare for your employment in Canada.

E-Connector Program

Connect with other immigrants already in Canada to learn about their experiences.

Post-Landing Support

Get connected with government funded immigrant services in your city and enjoy continued free support after landing.

One-on-One Counselling

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