Meet the Employer - Cybersecurity in Canada with Red Canari

Meet the Employer - Cybersecurity in Canada with Red Canari

 - Why is robust Cybersecurity protection increasingly important now with the new reality?

 - How can we become more aware and prepared to combat digital threats from the home office?

 - What technical skills and qualities does Red Canari look for potential employees?


Red Canari is always on the look-out for talented cybersecurity specialists – RED CANARI Associate Arushi Gautam will share with you what skills and qualifications they look for in a potential employee. What skills can you acquire to make yourself a more competitive job-seeker in the cybersecurity space?

Cybersecurity specialists, Red Canari will share with us how we can protect ourselves while working remotely during the Covid-19 period. What are the threats, tactics, and countermeasures that you can implement from home during this Covid-19 era?

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