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作为移民部拨款有40 多年历史的渥太华华人社区服务中心的就业支持部, In-TAC 拥有400多家雇主合作伙伴,来自系统化的就职培训, 以及经验丰富的专业团队。迄今为止,In-TAC已经帮助数以万计的新移民, 成功对接了加拿大职场。每年两次举办的VirtualCareer Expo 更是为来自全世界的新移民成功对接加拿大就业机会。


     来自ICT, 财务金融行业的嘉宾,分享不同岗位的职业发展路径




牵手In-TAC, 搭上就业直通车!

如果你是已经毕业或者即将毕业的留学生,所学专业为ICT(Informationand communications technology)及相关专业, 泛商科 (金融,财会,工商管理),欢迎报名参加!


 活动地点:In-TAC会议室,400 Cooper Street, suite2000, K2P 2H8



Event Date (EST time zone) 2019-03-23 2:00 pm
Event End Date 2019-03-23 5:00 pm
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在加拿大,特别是安省多伦多地区,学区房是一个怎样的概念,学区任何划分,各个教育局又有什么特点。欢迎关注IN-TAC SOFIA WU 合作推出的多伦多地产系列讲座之学区房系列 因为这个牵涉的内容比较多,我们会分成不同的板块和大家分析,那么这次讲座的重点是 - 多伦多西区的荷顿地区(Halton),特别是奥克维尔,伯林顿地区。



Event Date (EST time zone) 2019-04-26 9:00 pm
Event End Date 2019-04-26 10:00 pm
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‘Meet the Employer’: Employment Opportunities at ElastaLink Canada



-         ElastaLink is an expanding Canadian ITC company, what do they do?

-         What skills & qualities appeal to the hiring managers at ElastaLink in Canada?

-         ow can you apply for a role, or engage a talent acquisition staff at ElastaLink?


Based in Ottawa, with offices, customers and partners in Montreal & Toronto as well at the United States and Serbia, ElastaLink Corporation truly is a different kind of telecom service provider. We believe office technology should be flexible, seamless, accessible, uninterrupted and intuitive to use.  

ElastaLink is growing its revenues at an average of 82% a year. ElastaLink already has a very diverse workforce. Our Webinar will examine what we do and the kind of people we need as we continue to grow. 



Event Date (EST time zone) 2019-04-29 9:00 pm
Event End Date 2019-04-29 10:00 pm
Registration Start Date 2019-03-08
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Cut off date 2019-04-29 9:00 pm
Meet the Employer-Stratford Managers - What Newcomers Should Know About the Ottawa Job Market

Why Ottawa, when you are looking for jobs in the tech sector?

What types of employment opportunities in that space?

What are tech sector employers looking for? How you can get prepared?


In-TAC is pleased to invite Vanessa to help newcomer job seekers to learn more of job market in the tech sector. She will provide an overview of technology sector in Ottawa: opportunities and employers, and share her expertise on how to get prepared for job application.

Vanessa Wylie is a Consultant with Stratford Managers, a management consulting firm headquartered in Ottawa with clients across Canada and around the world. She will

Vanessa has over 10 years of experience in Human Resources, supporting organizations to build dynamic HR strategies in a range of sectors, including technology, healthcare, municipal government and not-for-profit.  She has extensive experience in talent acquisition and talent management, and is well-versed in Ottawa labour market conditions.

For more information about Vanessa, connect with her on LinkedIn or on Twitter @WylieVanessa.


Event Date (EST time zone) 2019-04-30 9:00 pm
Event End Date 2019-04-30 10:00 pm
Registration Start Date 2019-03-25
Available place 25
Cut off date 2019-04-30 9:00 pm