Job Information
Machine Learning Engineer
In-TAC CA Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Job Type: Full-Time
Category: Computer/IT
Minimum Experience: 3 Year (2019-02-15)
Job Status
Start Publishing: 2019-01-31
Number Of Jobs: 1
Stop Publishing: 2019-02-15
In-TAC CA Calgary, Alberta, Canada

This role requires someone who has demonstrated an ability to use data to train models which can be used to automate processes such as image classification, speech recognition, and forecasting.  The ideal candidate has deployed or attempted to execute Artificial Intelligence theories from various Machine Learning (ML) models and algorithms, and they also have familiarity with data science engineering.  The candidate should be able to apply their analytical skills to develop large-scale ML models that reveal the value in data. They are able to understand business objectives from a broader team and build customized models and processes to enable delivery of the business objectives.


Qualifications and Skills


  • An advanced degree (M.S. or Ph.D) in Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics, or a comparable analytical field from an accredited institution
  • 3+ years experience in deep learning frameworks (TensorFlor, Keras)
  • 3+ years experience with relevant languages (Python, Java) and libraries (scikit-learn, pandas)
  • Demonstrated knowledge of relevant libraries and operating systems (OpenCV, Linux)
  • Familiarity with SQL and No-SQL databases
  • Strong attention to detail, strength in data quality verification to enable clean data at all times
  • Work/project history reflective of a self-motivated professional who excels when given open-ended problems and broadly-defined goals, having an innate desire to build models and algorithms that reveal the patterns and relationships in data that can be leveraged to provide business value



Who You Are


  • You understand that writing code is as much about functionality as it is about communication, and that shines through in the clarity of your code and how you describe it to your teammates
  • You are a self-starter who can work autonomously and drive your success within a team
  • You are comfortable when things go according to plan, and you are energized when chaos strikes and the team's well-laid plans need to be overhauled
  • You know that start-up life involves continual adaptation and change, and that excites you!


What You'll Get 


  • A full-time position that offers competitive compensation
  • A benefits program delivered through our bespoke digital platform, giving you control, choice, and flexibility.  We give you the ability to build your package of benefits covering health (think medical, dental, vision), wellness (think gym, workout gear, ski pass, massage, transit) and RRSP (think retirement)
  • A downtown office location with first-rate amenities, surrounded by great restaurants and easily-accessible transit
  • For international candidates: Sponsorship for an immediate work permit through Canada's Global Talent Stream and in many cases, expedited permanent residency and a path to citizenship


What You'll Experience


  • Exposure and engagement with world-class start-ups where you will be helping to build the next big thing many times over
  • A team-based environment where our culture and community are deeply rooted in our core values
  • A diverse and inclusive workplace; we know conscious and subconscious discrimination exists and we work hard to uncover and remove biases and barriers, so everyone realizes their actual - not perceived - potential
  • Opportunity.  And lots of it.


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