Job Information
Technical Lead
Int-Tac Employer VL Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Job Type: Full-Time
Category: Computer/IT
Minimum Experience: 3 Year
Job Status
Start Publishing: 2017-04-11
Number Of Jobs: 1
Stop Publishing: 2020-05-31

This is a contract job

The employer is looking for a Technical Lead to focus on client needs including client on boarding, CRM configuration, project coordination/management, trainer, and support analyst and possibly even some development. The Technial Lead also would play a role on the sales and marketing side by acting as a pre-sales engineer when needed to help close deals and also own the technical side of administering the company website.


·         To understand, document and even flow-chart business process, especially sales process but also marketing, client service, account management and others.  You will not develop the required relationship with your client if you cannot understand the client's business processes

·         CRM Configuration: to adept at configuring company’s web-based systems

·         Responsible to the customer relationship management (CRM)

·         Zoho Product Knowledge:  Knows how to use the suite of Zoho products, especially Zoho CRM, well or at the very least, is a quick-learner with Zoho.  Zoho product knowledge will absolutely be vital to success in this role

·         To coordinate/manage several different projects simultaneously

·         To manage company data including data management, cleaning, importing, exporting and migration

·         Responsible to all non-business related areas of company’s technical side operations

·         Helping to close sales process deals by showing our prospect our technical knowledge and prowess

·         To assist internal IT support such as editing/updating/administering the new company website and other internal technical help




·         Client-focused

·         Fluent English language allows you to converse/meet with/correspond professionally with clients

·         Prefer to be located in Vancouver so they could visit clients

·         At least 3 years related experience

·         Ability to prioritize allows you to perform effectively under pressure

·         Familiar with database, application and network technologies used in cloud computing (ex: knowledge of network topologies and devices, database concepts)

·         Working knowledge of the software development process and of software design

·         This role is at the core of customer relationship management.  As such, you are an expert in, and lifetime-student of CRM and CRM systems

·         Able to have very occasional travel



·         This role is designed to at least begin as a contract position but this is open for discussion how it may evolve over time to a part-time or even full-time role. 

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